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Explore Elevated

Explore Elevated

Explore Elevated: Crafting a Brand for the Adventurous Spirit

Project Scope: Logo Design, Website Design, Swag Items, Pop-Up Banner

Project Overview

Explore Elevated presented us with the thrilling opportunity to brand an off-road truck camper company. The essence of their brand is encapsulated in the name itself – an elevated experience of exploration and adventure. Our mission was to develop a brand identity that resonates with the freedom and thrill of outdoor exploration, while also emphasizing the unique elevated aspect of their campers.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Our creative journey with Explore Elevated involved several key elements:

Logo Design: We crafted a logo that symbolizes both adventure and elevation. The design reflects the ruggedness of off-road adventures and the uniqueness of being elevated from the ground, appealing to the spirit of exploration in their customers.

Website Design: The website was designed to be a gateway for adventure enthusiasts. Intuitive, visually engaging, and informative, it provides users with a glimpse of the elevated experiences that await them.

Swag Items: We created a range of swag items including apparel and accessories, each item carrying the essence of the brand and serving as a token of adventure for the customers.

Pop-Up Banner: The pop-up banner was designed for events and expos, perfectly capturing the brand’s spirit and drawing in a crowd of adventure seekers.

Result: A Brand that Embodies Adventure

The final outcome was a cohesive and striking brand identity that truly represents the essence of Explore Elevated – adventure, freedom, and the unique experience of elevated camping.

Client Explore Elevated
Creative Director Peter Ortiz Prince
Author Heather
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