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Kompas Taqueria | Branding

Kompas Taqueria | Branding

Crafting an Urban New York Street Vibe

Project Categories: Branding, Photography

Project Overview

For KOMPAS TAQUERIA, we ventured beyond the conventional to create a brand identity that pulsates with the energy and raw charm of urban New York streets. Inspired by graffiti art and the bustling city vibe, our goal was to encapsulate the essence of the streets in every aspect of the brand.

Bringing the Vision to Life

The task at hand was exhilarating: to infuse a graffiti-style vibe into the brand while maintaining a cohesive and appealing identity. Here’s how we translated this vision into reality:

Logo and Icons: Designed a set of distinctive logos and icons, each echoing the graffiti style and urban feel of the brand.

Styleguide & Brand Voice: Developed a comprehensive style guide to ensure brand consistency across all platforms. Simultaneously, we crafted a unique brand voice that resonates with the brand’s edgy and vibrant personality.

Signage: Created eye-catching signage that captures the attention and imagination of passersby, inviting them into the world of KOMPAS TAQUERIA.

Grease Tray Paper: Even the smallest elements, like grease tray paper, were infused with the brand’s urban flair.

Website Design: Developed an engaging website that not only serves as a digital menu but also as a portal to the KOMPAS TAQUERIA experience.

Restaurant Menu & Digital Menu Displays: Both physical and digital menus were designed to reflect the brand’s gritty, street-style ethos.

Custom Artwork for Decorations: Commissioned and curated custom artwork that adorns the restaurant, enhancing the dining experience and reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Results: A Brand That Stands Out

KOMPAS TAQUERIA now boasts a brand that’s as flavorful and bold as its cuisine. From the logo to the restaurant decor, every element works together to transport customers straight to the heart of urban New York.

Crafting Unique Brand Experiences

This project showcases our ability to not just create a brand, but to tell a story and evoke a specific atmosphere. We take pride in our expertise in blending branding with experiential design, making every customer interaction memorable.

Client KOMPAS Taqueria & Bistro
Creative Director Peter Ortiz Prince
Author Heather

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