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Project Category: Logo Design

Project Overview

When Lenti, an emerging glasses startup, approached us, they had a clear need but no visual identity. Our task was to create a logo that would not only mark their entry into the market but also resonate with a broad audience. The challenge was to encapsulate Lenti’s vision – offering eyewear that blends style with comfort – in a single, impactful symbol.

The Creative Process

Our approach for Lenti was focused on crafting a logo that exudes elegance while being approachable. The key was to balance sophistication with a sense of warmth:

Elegant and Soft Edges: We chose a design with soft, flowing lines, avoiding harsh angles to create a feeling of ease and approachability.

Inviting Aesthetics: The logo’s welcoming design mirrors Lenti’s commitment to customer-centric values, making it not just a brand mark but a symbol of trust and quality.

Broad Appeal: Mindful of Lenti’s diverse target audience, the logo was crafted to appeal universally, resonating with various customer preferences and styles.

Result: A Logo That Speaks Volumes

The final logo stands as a testament to Lenti’s ethos – elegant, user-friendly, and inviting. It’s not just a brand mark; it’s the first step in building a relationship with each customer who chooses Lenti.

Client Maria Anders
Creative Director Peter Ortiz Prince
Author Heather

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